• u love sports n u smoke o_O !

    • Patky

      yes i smoke shisha [hookah] i do as i please~ heh

    • lol umm great :p

  • hello

  • Dear Friend,
    Welcome to Jesus Shines Metwork. We are here to pray for you and to fill your
    life with True Happiness & peace through the presence of Lord Jesus Christ. Nter

  • Anonymous

    Waw ! J'aime ton coté "Banco" et "Musclé"...I will appreciate to be one of your friends.
    I'm actually in Thailand ....Far from Canada ..Yep !!

    • Patky

      merci :) and yes Thailand is quite far from Canada :P I'm half cambodian and chinese so we're kinnnd of related ;D

  • you nice